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Leo & Wolf Oven Baked Treats

Leo & Wolf Oven Baked Treats


Oven-baked treats for animal health and happiness. Leo & Wolf is a Nutriment brand focusing on exciting eating experiences for cats and dogs. Alongside the novel portfolio of frozen meatball products, the Leo & Wolf oven-baked and cold-dried treats range features six varieties focussing on premium quality meat and fish ingredients, which are biologically appropriate and great-tasting treats for cats and dogs.



Oven baked Finnish chicken meat and vegetable fibre. 90% Meat content.

Analytical constituents: Protein (31.8%), Fat (33.5%), Fibre (10.9%), Ash (3.1%)


Finnish clean washed tripe and vegetable fibre. Cured using a cold drying method. 92% Meat content.Analytical constituents: Protein (36%), Fat (31.3%), Fibre (8.4%), Ash (3.6%)



Turkey meat and vegetable fibre. 90% Meat content.

Analytical constituents: Protein (30.8%), Fat (42.2%), Fibre (9.8%), Ash (3.6%)

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